St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

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Sunday 7th June 12noon - 5pm “Open Gardens" Postponed

Maulden Virtual “Open Gardens” 2020

In view of the current situation, rather than just abandoning Open Gardens this summer, we thought it might be fun to create a “virtual” event. Spring is really in full swing at the moment and now would be a good time to capture the beauty of all that is around us, whether with photos, video or both.

If you are interested, please take some photos and/or video of your garden and send those that you think show it off at its best to Tim Chamen (see means of doing this below). Because the files can be quite big, could you please send them to Tim using “WeTransfer” which you will find at:

This is a free service for files (or whole folders) of up to 2GB and doesn’t require you to set up an account or password, just go for the free offering. I found it very easy, I hope it proves the same for you.

We suggest videos of up to about 2 minutes total, i.e. you can send several separate ones and Tim will edit them if necessary and string them together. If there are any stills that you might like to include send up to 5 of those as well, or if you aren’t sending any video, up to 10 photos.

Using WeTransfer, please send them to by the end of May.  Please include a short message with your photos and how you would like your garden to be identified – or not as the case may be! This information will be added to each clip of a continuous video (including stills), so it could start with the name of your house, or just “anonymous”.

If you have any queries or suggestions please e-mail Tim direct with “Open Gardens” in the subject line.

In view of the hardships and sadness everyone is suffering at the moment, St Mary’s Church (on behalf of whom Tim is organising this) will be offering free access to the video – it will be uploaded to YouTube and made public, so anyone can view.

Our thanks in advance for your contributions, which we look forward to receiving.