St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

Churchyard Wall

Thank you very much to everyone who has already given to our “Sponsor a Stone “campaign. We have been really encouraged by the support we have received from the village. If you have not returned your form it is not too late as it will take some time to raise all the money that we need.

We have met with an assessor re grants and he has suggested that we try to get a group together from the village who will help us to apply for funding and apply for further grants too. If you have any experience in this field or would like to help as part of the team we would be pleased to hear from you.

As the collapsed wall is a retaining wall it is not only urgent to rebuild it but we are advised it may cost even more than the original estimate.

We cannot thank you enough for your support and we hope that money raised from donations will ease the burden of endless fundraising.

Do look out for the Humpty Dumpty who has not fallen off the wall, the wall fell down instead!!

Lynda Klimas, Marjorie Horrell, Sue New

      Churchyard Regulations for The Diocese of St. Albans

The Regulations can be found on the Diocese of St Albans web site or a copy can be downloaded by clicking here.

St Mary the Virgin Maulden



The Rector and Churchwardens would like to thank all those who have responded to the recent Diocesan notices appealing for compliance with the Churchyard Regulations.

It has been a delight to find so many graves attended to and we have had no need to clear anything at all ourselves from many of those that did not comply.

All but a few are now in compliance, and we now have only minimum work to do once we commence the remaining clearing later in the month.

Thank you all for your efforts and understanding.


Church of St Mary The Virgin, Maulden