St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

                  MAULDEN CHARITIES

There are several Charities that have the sole purpose of helping Maulden people

Maulden Welfare Trust
 A grant is available for men and women in need - Note married couples are only allowed one application.

The Charity of Louisa Moore 
Provides large print Bibles for men and women of pensionable age.

Educational Charity of Becket and Wichalse
Grants are available for  young people (under 21) who have left school and are apprentices or full time students at college or university, to help towards the cost of tools and course books.  All applicants must state their age, apprenticeship or college course which they are attending.  This is a one-off payment.  Available to Maulden families only.

All the above are subject to demand and the availability of limited funds, and are at the discretion of the Trustees.

 1.         All applications should be made in writing to the Clerk, Mrs. Ann Vickers,
            8 Abbey Close, Ampthill, Beds., MK45 2SH or by telephone  on 01525 402979 or email

 2.          Applications to be received once per year by November 15th.  For special needs            applications can be made at any time.

3.           Successful applicants will receive their grant on or before December 21st.