St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

Memorial Services are held at St. Mary's Church each year.

The main service, to which those who have lost family members during the last three years are invited, is held on a Sunday afternoon in the Autumn. This service includes the reading out of the names of loved ones and a chance for members of the congregation to light candles in their memory.

Many people find it helpful to come to a special service during which the names of their loved ones are remembered in the prayers. They also value the opportunity to light a candle in their memory.

We have written to those whose funerals we have conducted during the past three years. However we want everyone to feel welcome to come to the service whether or not you have received a personal invitation.

If you and your family would like to attend the service and would like a name included please contact me Lynda Klimas telephone 01525 403139 or to email

Alternatively there is a list to sign at the back of the church  

With our thoughts and prayers

Lynda Klimas ( Rector)