St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

       The Rector's Letter

Each month the Rector writes an article for the Parish Magazine

June 2023

A lot has happened to the Royal Family since I was appointed an Honorary Chaplain to the Queen in February 2022.

In May I attended a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, but the Queen was absent due to poor health and so I was presented to Prince William and Kate instead. Sadly, she died at the beginning of September.

That meant that I was no longer a Queen’s Chaplain but along with all the others I have been appointed a King’s Chaplain instead.

So far, the role has all been glory and no work. The kind of role I enjoy.

However, on 11th June I will be taking my turn to lead the service and preach at The Chapel Royal at St James’ Palace. Thankfully it is not Trinity Sunday (which is tricky enough at the best of times) but it is St Barnabas’ day

Barnabas was not one of the twelve disciples but he was still among the earliest followers of Jesus and a leader of the early church. He was originally called Joseph but was given a new name by those who knew him well.

We first hear of him in the New Testament due to his generosity and simple act of stewardship and sharing. He sold land he owned and donated the proceeds to the church to be used to support the poor.

He was also courageous and spoke up in support of St Paul when he came to Jerusalem. Many of the disciples were sceptical that St Paul was indeed a changed person as he had been persecuting Christians before his Damascus Road experience.

Later Barnabas travelled with St Paul sharing the good news about Jesus. On one journey they took a young man, Mark with them, but half way he turned back. Barnabas wanted to give him a second chance to join a later missionary journey but St Paul refused. So instead, Barnabas chose to travel with Mark and St Paul took Silas.

Mark blossomed because Barnabas encouraged him and saw his true potential.

St Barnabas has much to teach us about generosity, encouragement and giving people a second chance.

We know that we respond better when people praise what is good rather than criticise what is wrong.

We know that this is really important for children as they develop their gifts and celebrate their achievements.

So, it was a great joy to hear the Junior choir sing at The Pulloxhill Singers Concert. It was also lovely to hear Dean sing “Bring him home“

from “Les Misérables”. In fact, Dean and his mother Helen are also working hard to teach people Bellringing so that soon Maulden will have their own band again.

The Coronation weekend brought people together in various street parties and “The lunch fit for a King” the Church Hall.

So, let’s be like St Barnabas by being generous with our thoughts,  words and money. Also, that we might play our part to encourage everyone to reach their potential and feel valued.

With all good wishes

Lynda Klimas