St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

       The Rector's Letter

Each month the Rector writes an article for the Parish Magazine

                                             July 2022

I suspect that one of the most frequent topics of general conversation is the weather. That is probably because the weather seems to change from one day to another and is often unpredictable. This is something to do with being an island which gives us a more temperate climate than central continental Europe. We rarely have very hot summers or very cold winters. Whatever the time of year, we have learned it is not usually advisable to go anywhere without an umbrella!

When Marjorie and I attended a Royal garden party at Buckingham Palace at the end of May it even rained on our parade. I am pleased to say that it did not spoil our afternoon as after a heavy shower the sun shone again.

However we view changes in the weather we are increasingly concerned about climate change .Several reports from many sources, including the UN, confirm that change is accelerating as the planet is getting warmer and there are more storms and droughts. It is imperative that the work started at COP must be continued. We should serve the earth and not destroy it by our actions.

The main tool at present is to reduce carbon emissions with an aim to be carbon neutral by 2050.

The Church of England is aiming to encourage churches to obtain a net zero position by 2030. To do this we need to first measure our Church’s carbon footprint and then see what we can do to reduce it and become more efficient. This might include better insulation and installing further LED lighting.

The other tool called “360 degree carbon” concerns biodiversity because reducing our carbon footprint is not just about energy.

We have a beautiful churchyard which we already use to encourage wildlife and insects. We are looking into the possibility of a designated area for wild flowers and installing nesting boxes for swifts. We plan to register as an Eco church so that looking after the environment is always a priority in all that we do.

As individuals we also need to consider other aspects of our daily lives to reduce our own carbon footprints. This is a huge challenge not least because as we look forward to our summer holidays we will travel by car or fly to other parts of the world.

However as we know, small changes when added together can make a huge difference

The more we are concerned about climate change the more likely we are to act.

With all good wishes

Lynda Klimas