St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

       The Rector's Letter

Each month the Rector writes an article for the Parish Magazine

                                     Rector’s letter September 2021

It was really lovely to take some Weddings again this summer as previously due to Covid restrictions most were postponed. I was asked on each occasion not to mention the “C “word. Of course I knew exactly what they meant and teased the congregation by saying that I could not adhere to their request as, like any good Rector would do, I needed to mention the collection.

This month a number of other words beginning with “C “ have also come to mind as we begin to work with Clophill as a new  united Benefice.

As with marriage the change in becoming a new Benefice will require compromise and commitment. People often speak about marriage as “give and take” and commitment to making it work

So first what will change? We have tried to make few changes and only those which are really necessary. Clophill will change their service time to 11am and Maulden will cancel their 8am service on the first Sunday each month so that a service can be held at Clophill instead.

The other change is that I will spend about a third of my time at Clophill and two thirds at Maulden. Due to the nature of ministry this arrangement will vary from week to week and a degree of flexibility will be required.

Each parish will need to compromise in order to make the new Benefice a success.

Then finally Commitment. At the heart of marriage there is commitment and a resolve to make it work. We not only want to work with Clophill as we serve and support each other but also we want to become a real blessing to both parishes There are many things that we will be able to do better together such as  ALPHA , home groups , confirmation courses , choirs and  supporting  each other’s social events.

September is often seen as the beginning of something new with a new academic year starting so as a church we look forward to doing something new with Clophill

With all good wishes

Lynda Klimas