St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

The Rector's Letter

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                                The Rector Writes

I really enjoy this time of year as Christmas seems to bring out the best in people. Complete strangers smile and greet you. We enjoy singing familiar carols, eating countless mince pies and consuming gallons (or should I say litres) of mulled wine. We also reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves as we support the work of the Children’s Society and give money to support the homeless and those who rely on food banks.

Of course many people will say Christmas is really for the children and I know what they mean. But surely we are all children at heart and we also enjoy giving and receiving presents and having fun.

I suppose Christmas is also a nostalgic time as it always makes me reflect on my own childhood and Christmas spent elsewhere.

Over the years the average age of those who attend church has got older and so the Diocese is launching a new challenge  for 2020 “To grow younger”. This does not mean that we all have to dye our hair or have a face lift but to encourage younger people, not just children, to come to church.

I am pleased to say that over recent years we have seen an increase in young families attending our monthly Family Service. Now that a number of the children are at school we would like to do more and maybe run a “Children’s Church “with familiar Bible stories and craft activities.  Our hope is to organise this on the third Sunday of each month at 9.30am The children will attend church with their parents and then leave to do their own activities before returning to receive a Blessing.

There has been a great deal of research that has concluded that most people who come to Church now probably attended Sunday school when they were young.

So our hope is to try to find some people to help to organise this. We are fortunate that we have a church hall available so all we need now is a group of children and their parents. We thought that if we organised it once a month then it would complement our monthly Family Services

If you are interested in helping please speak with me or Marjorie.

We can then arrange a planning meeting and draw up a rota.

Society will want us to believe that people are not interested in coming to church but that is not true in Maulden. We just need to organise things differently and ensure that our worship and teaching is accessible and relevant to all people of all ages.

As with relationships within a family, the church is best when there are people of all ages and all backgrounds working well together.

With all good wishes

Lynda Klimas