St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

       The Rector's Letter

Each month the Rector writes an article for the Parish Magazine

The Rector writes April 2024

I heard an interesting discussion on the radio which said that most people never switch off their mobile phones. This certainly appears to be the case as I often meet people walking their dogs around the village who are constantly chatting on their phones.

I am not like most people, as I rarely switch my phone on! Indeed, I have only owned “a grown-up phone” for a few years and even now I rarely use it.

Although there are many advantages with modern technology there are disadvantages as well. If you want to renew your passport or driving licence or even open a bank account you are asked to do so on line. However not everyone owns a computer and like me not everyone is good at navigating their way around web sites.

The other day I was amazed when I phoned BT regarding a query about moving my account to my new Bedford address, that I actually managed to speak to a person. What is more they were very helpful and could answer all my queries.

Many people are becoming increasingly frustrated when they cannot have a personal conversation especially if there are some questions they would like to ask. I suspect that such frustration can easily make people angry too

There is an important lesson here for us all to learn. We usually respond better when there is an opportunity to have a conversation and not simply press a few numbers on a phone or letters on a computer key board.

I believe the heart of all good relationships is good communication. We see this in good marriages and friendships when we make time to speak with one another.

In our modern affluent society, due to technology and the internet, we are told that there is an increase in the number of people who feel isolated and lonely. Texting or emailing someone is not the same as having a good chat.

That is why as a church we have a number of groups where people can meet in person and make new friends. Social interaction is good for our mental health as well as the mental health of others too.

So, let’s make a real effort to invite others to meet with us. We run a number of groups including The Sewing group, Men’s breakfast, “Stepping out “and Tea & Co”, not forgetting to mention bell ringing, the choir church cleaners and gardeners. There is something for all.

So why not come along and join us and enjoy good conversation and make new friends

Everyone is welcome and if you would like to know more about any of our groups, please speak with me or one of the churchwardens.

With all good wishes

Lynda Klimas