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The Rector's Letter

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Anniversaries are important and so we usually mark them in some way. Many are happy occasions such as a Wedding anniversary while others are sad such as when we recall the death of a loved one.

Last month we commemorated the 75th Anniversary of “D Day” when on 6th June 1944, during World War 2 the Allied forces invaded northern France by means of beach landings in Normandy. With a huge force of over 150,000 the Allies attacked and gained a victory which became a turning point for the war. It was the invasion in Europe that allowed the Allies to finally defeat Germany and the Nazi regime.

            We all recall dates that are important to us for one reason or another. For me one such date is 1st July. That was the date of my Graduation, Ordination and also this year the date of the Garden Party to which I am invited at Lambeth Palace. I hasten to say that the Archbishop of Canterbury is not favouring me but has invited all those who were ordained priest 25 years ago. I was one of the sixty one women who were ordained at St Albans Cathedral on 23rd April 1994. As many of the women had been waiting for years for this to happen I believe that there are only two of us who are still in full time ministry and have not retired or died.

            Last year we introduced “Hymns and Pimms” which was “Songs of Praise “with a difference. The difference was not only the Pimms that was served but also instead of the organ the “KG band” from Woburn Sands came to lead our worship playing guitars and the key board. It was a lovely occasion and due to its success we are going to hold another one this year on Sunday 21st July at 6pm

Also what made it really special was that a number of people chose and introduced a favourite hymn. For some it was a hymn they sang at their Wedding or when they were Confirmed. For others it was a hymn that they sang as a child and evoked fond memories.  The important thing is that the hymns we choose say something about us and our journey through life. So if you have a favourite hymn and would be willing to share why you have chosen it and what it means to you please get in touch so that we can include it. If you would simply like to come along and sing some favourite hymns and enjoy a glass of Pimms that would also be fine.

            I began by saying that anniversaries are important as they mark the joys as well as the sorrows of life. “Hymns and Pimms” is one of the joyous occasions as we sing our favourite hymns in our beautiful church on a summer’s evening. I do hope that you and your family and friends will want to join us.

With all good wishes


Lynda Klimas