St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

              St Mary's Diary


Sunday 27th         8am Holy Communion

Advent Sunday   9.30am Sung Communion with the choir

                                 11am Sung Communion (Clophill)

                                 6pm Advent service with music and meditation

Monday 28th        2.30pm Home group (Clophill)

                                  7.30pm Maulden Charities (The Rectory)

Tuesday 29th        10am “House of Prayer” (by zoom)

Wednesday 30th 10am Holy Communion

                                 2pm Sewing group (Church Hall)


Thursday 1st         6.30pm Junior choir

                                 2pm Home group

Saturday 3rd         5pm Family service rehearsal

Sunday 4th           8am Holy Communion (BCP) (Clophill)

                                9.30am Christingle Family service (Maulden)

                                (to avoid a clash with Christmas tree Festival)

                                11am Family service (Clophill)

From the Registers


20th October              Bernard Gillett

Memorial service

1st October                 Paul Heerey


29th October               Enid Gray