St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

              St Mary's Diary

July 2022

Wednesday 13th   10am Holy Communion

Friday 15th              10am Maulden School Leavers service

Sunday 17th            8am Holy Communion

                                   9.30am Holy Communion

                                   11am Sung Communion (Clopjill)

                                   5pm “The Potting shed” (zoom)

Tuesday 19th          10am “House of Prayer”(zoom)

                                  11am Deanery Chapter (zoom)

Wednesday 20th  10am Holy Communion

                                  7.30pm PCC meeting (The Church Hall)

Thursday 21st        2pm Home group

                                  6.30pm Junior choir

                                  7pm choir practice

Sunday 24th          8am Holy Communion

                                 9.30am Sung Communion with the choir

                                 11am Sung Communion (Clophill)

Tuesday 26th        10am “House of Prayer “(zoom)

Wednesday 27th 10am Holy Communion

Thursday 28th      2pm Home group

Sunday 31st           8am Holy Communion

                                 9.30am Sung Communion

                                 11am Sung Communion (Clophill)



Monday 1ST          2pm “Stepping out” (13 Moor Lane)

Tuesday 2nd         10am “House of Prayer” (zoom)

Weds 3rd               10am Holy Communion

                                 2pm Sewing group (Church hall)

Thursday 4th        2pm Home group

                                 7.30pm Wedding rehearsal

Saturday 6th        1pm Wedding Max Adcock / Melissa Perry

Sunday 7th           8am Holy Communion BCP (Clophill)

                                9.30am Holy Communion

                                11am Morning Praise (Clophill)

Tuesday 9th         10am “House of Prayer” (zoom)

Weds 10th             10am Holy Communion

                                2pm Sewing group (Church Hall)

Thursday 11th      2pm Home group

Sunday 14th         No 8am service

                                11am Patronal Festival Communion

                                The Archdeacon of Bedford

                                11am Sung Communion (Clophill)

                                12.30pm Parish barbecue (The Rectory)

Tuesday 16th       10am “House of Prayer” (zoom)

Weds 17th            10am Holy Communion

Sunday 21st         8am Holy Communion

                               9.30am Holy Communion

                               11am Sung Communion (Clophill)

Tuesday 23rd      10am “House of Prayer” (zoom)

Weds 24th           10am Holy Communion

                               2pm Sewing group (Church hall)

Saturday 27th    1pm Wedding Charlie Kutcher/Sarah Thacker

Sunday 29th      8am Holy Communion

                              9.30am Holy Communion

                              11am Sung Communion

                              1.30pm Baptism Isla Elliott

                              2.30pm Baptism Jack Whistler

Tuesday 30th     10am “House of Prayer” (zoom)

Weds 31st           10am Holy Communion

                             2pm Sewing group (Church hall)


Saturday 2nd    1.30pm Ben Appaddoo/ Hannah Fagan

Sunday 4th       8am Holy Communion BCP (Clophill)

                             9.30am Sung Communion

                             11am Family service (Clophill)

Monday 5th      2pm “Stepping out” (13 Moor Lane)

From the registers


8th June                       Monica Hall

23rd June                     Pierre Bou Mansour